the era of static and contraband

I saw your post about quitting show business, and just wanted to say that I was there at the Newsies callbacks, and didn't make it past yesterday either. I got 1 hour of sleep, had been at the studio since my 11:30 dance call until we finished tapping at 8:00, and I still got cut. I was devastated, as you probably were too when you made that post. Hopefully you were able to learn something from it and be ready for next time. Just wanted you to know, I feel your pain and you ain't alone. from itsbeenalongcoldlonelywinter

i was exaggerating a bit haha. I’m not as angry as I was disappointed. Something wasn’t right with my body. I was not connected at all. It felt wonky the entire time. i knew after the first combo we did that I wouldnt move on. it wasn’t up to the caliber that I have done it previously. it sucked. I sang well, which is uncommon for me. hence me writing that post. just kinda ironic and disappointed knowing I could’ve and should’ve performed at my best. showing them less than my best was devastating. Not making it farther was something I was not too angry about. the post wasn’t serious. I have no intention of quitting. failure is a part of this business. I started dancing early high school and singing late high school. Making it this far with little under my belt is an honor. I have four years of college to catch up and I’m not nervous about doing so. most people that were there have a MT BFA. competing on the same level as them is enough satisfaction to verify my pursuit into show business. it actually informs me I am ahead of the game.

we mustve been in the same group! I got done at 8 too. it was a huge cut. they only kept like 10. We should be proud we made it that far. 

im sad/confused/disappointed etc. , but i’ll be fine. I need some time to get over it. I’ll bounce back. I’ll go to a couple more ECC’s over the summer to make up for my dreadful performance; make it up to myself first and foremost. oh well. til next time. 


Spontaneously couldn’t dance today???
Spontaneously could sing today???

What is going on?